3 ways to start loving yourself

3 ways to start loving yourself through the power of photography

1 – Be kind to yourself

As women, there are far too many of us who are quick to put others down to feel better about ourselves. We make quick judgements and deliver cutting, hurtful comments. This seems to be normality and the worst part is, we teach our children to do the same and worse still, we do it to ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a kind world where we celebrate our differences and see positives in others and ourselves?

Every time you get a negative thought about yourself or someone else, think of three positives to balance it out. By doing this regularly, you will see your thinking changing, you will become more positive and much kinder. And the bonus, you will find yourself being much happier in your own life and body.

So, for every negative thought, think of three positives equals a happier YOU

2 – Self portrait

We seem to be trained as women to not like images of ourselves. Perhaps if we are seen to like our images we are seen as big headed or full of ourselves? Or is it a deeper feeling, that by seeing images of ourselves, our every flaw will be highlighted and on show to the world? A bad photo of you is just that, a bad photo. It does not define you as a person or a comment on any failings you feel you have.

Take a photo of yourself. Don’t think about it being good or bad but simply sit with the image and see it as an image of a person. Remove all emotions.

Now, give it a title and write down 3 things that describe the person in the image. What 3 things are missing from the image and what 3 positives can you see?

3 – Your place in the world

To feel really happy and worthy about ourselves, we need to belong. Many of us belong with our families, perhaps we have a good group of friends or we are a vital part of a team at work. We have our place in the world and belong because of what we are like as a person.

Have a think about your place in the world and put a collage together. Remember to use only positive images that make you feel good.

What is your world like? Who do you have surrounding you in your world? Can you see a theme running through the images?

Now give it a title and write down three things that are missing and three positives that jump out at you.


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