Basic needs as a Human Animal

Audio on our basic needs as a human animal
Physical bodies
and much more…

Listen to Wild Within interview with Judi Craddock, Body Confidence Coach here

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Wellbeing practices

Self; self compassion, self love, self care
* Time for you
* Journalling
* Gratitude practice
* Living mindfully
For me to function as a human animal on this earth, these are my wellbeing practices that provide me with a solid foundation to keep grounded and build resilience.
These are the things I share with my clients, advise my friends and have written about in my book, Release the Wild Within.
For years I struggled with my health, physical and mental and emotionally I was all over the place. These strategies have saved my life and now, they are non negotiable, as important to me as breathing or eating.
I would recommend including them in your daily routines, make appointments with yourself, go slower in life and ask yourself my favourite question, ‘What do I need?’
Of course there are many other practices that can help you – it is up to you to find which ones work for you, you can’t get this wrong!
Here is a short audio on Wellbeing practices:
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