Around the Fire Facebook group

I love fires and the best memories have been when I have been with friends and family around the fire pit.

No TV or phone screens, work, stress, no obligations, just fun.

Tending to the fire, making sure it’s burning correctly, evenly, respecting it’s power and enjoying the warmth. 
Maybe there are some marshmallows we attempt to cook, although more time than not, we end up burning. 
We look to the stars and are amazed by the peace of night time and how it’s actually not as dark as you’d think night is. 
We oo and aaahhh when we see a shooting star, or two.

There is no where to be, nothing to do but to sit in each other’s company, relaxed in a loving safe place. 
We talk about everything and nothing. It’s is easy going, it is a time to put down the mental load, let the heart relax and we all breathe a sigh of relief, enjoying a break from life.

Although this is life too, THIS is what it’s all about. Connecting on a deep level, time with loved ones, being yourself without permission or justification.

This is where to come to be You, to learn about the Hows in life, to make deep connections and feel part of a community.

By being part of this group, I am hoping these will be the benefits you’ll enjoy:
* Learn how to be You and create a deep Knowing about yourself building confidence and self esteem
* Learn how to put in strategies and systems in your life to help it run smoother, helping you feel in control and giving you space to focus on what is important
* Learn how to get and keep good mental and emotional health by looking at things from a new perspective, reframing and finding ways that really resonate with you. 
* Plus you get to pass on what you learn to those you love around you, breaking cycles and habits that don’t serve you.
* Support, encouragement and love from people just like you, so there is a deep understanding and compassion

If this sounds like a community you would like to be part of, please click to request to join 

***Please note***

This group is not crisis support and is not manned 24/7. If you feel you are in crisis or need immediate help, please contact your doctor, ring 999 (UK) or visit your nearest A&E where you can be assessed and supported by the mental health team.

or you can call Samaritans: Freephone 116 123 or email
Offers 24/7 confidential, emotional support from trained listeners. You can also visit them face-to-face at your local branch: