Living Consciously

The first thing I learned about on how to manage my mental health illneses was Mindfulness.

I was no good at sitting quietly at the beginning so I researched and learned different ways of being Mindful.

You know how on the London underground, they are always telling us to ‘Mind the Gap’?

For me Mindfulness is similar, it is about minding our surroundings, gaining awareness of what is going on inside us and with our interactions with the world around us.

It helps us to respond and not react, it helps us to feel more in control, more at peace and finally be able to live the way we are meant to.
I feel it is living awake, living consciously rather than being in our numbed out, zombie mode of going from one chore to another. 

The simple act of breathing and slowing down can help so much and I feel passionately about sharing my unique way of being Mindful – Living Consciously.

As humans, as animals, we are not meant to live the way we do in modern society. The rush, the chaos, the never ending tasks and not resting or recharging. We charge our phones more than we do ourselves!

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