Release Wild Within Coaching Group

A safe group to be your core, wild self without justification or permission.

Dear Wild one,

It may feel like you are a million miles away from being who you are meant to be, a daily battle keeping up with all the ‘shoulds’ of this world, trying to fit in, trying to keep up with the pace set by others.

You were born knowing who you are but years of conditioning have made you question that

You have all you need within you

You have instincts that have developed over thousands of years

You are part of the human animal family and you are part of the world

This group is to release Your Primal, Wild, Core self in a safe space with others who are going through the same things.

For so many years I have been a Good Girl, a People Pleaser, trying to do right, to get praise, to fit in.
But for so many years I have also struggled with my mental health, numerous breakdowns and have felt suicidal far too many times.

One day I said, FUCK IT! And I meant it.

Fuck trying to keep up with the ‘Joneses’
Trying to stick to an identity filled with rules, suffocating me, slowly killing me
Fuck this indoor living, with fake lights and air
Fuck giving my all to those who only thought of me of an option, leaving me drained and empty


I have African blood in me, born in Livingstone Zambia
Most weekends, I used to see the Victoria Falls in it’s natural wildness and felt humbled by it
Every night, when I used to feed my dogs, I used to stare up at the sky, huge, spacious and my Core Self would feel so free and wild
I played barefoot outside, climbing mango trees and eating them straight from the branches, making fires
My dogs by my side, running with me, me howling with them
I was part of the most diverse community, part of being human, part of Wild Africa

I came to England when I was 16 and my world fell apart
So many rules
So much to keep up with to be Enough
Such a fast pace, always making me feel like I was failing
So much pressure, despair and desperation in this life
No joy, passion or fun or playing

After 25 years, I really have had enough of it and now, I am creating my own world with like minded people.
It is my hope, this group will be compassionate, supportive and loving
A safe place to come to when we need to remember our Wild, Core Selves
A loving community we have all been craving for
The Village we all need to be part of, to be Whole and to be truly Us
Magic is created when we work together and together, we can overcome anything

The plan is to focus on one thing a month from Thawing out, Self Compassion to Playing and looking at the Bigger Picture.
To help us navigate the Wilderness of life but being true to who we are
There will be space to be creative with photo projects and inspirational interviews with others, Wild ones who are already living their lives unapologetically covering topics such as sexuality, being unbound, money and much more

I will facilitate a monthly coaching call
There will be regular live videos
And weekly prompts to celebrate, set intentions and much more

This will be a monthly rolling container and all you have to do to join is pay a monthly membership fee of £67 a month.
There is no pressure to stay if it is not longer serving you, although I know it will be life changing and you’ll want to stay

You can pay for 12 months at £600 (saving £200)


Or pay monthly £67