Interview by Unbound Press

I was so honoured to be interivewed by Nicola Humber, from Unbound Press about my book, Release the Wild Within. Details below:

Have you ever been tempted to water yourself down in order to be more acceptable to others? Throughout our lives we can accumulate all sorts of layers of conditioning that can be hard to shake off.

So, how to you get back to the essence of who you are? Well, this week in The Unbound Writer’s Club I’m speaking with The Unbound Press author, Jessy Paston, about how to release the wild within.

In this episode Jessy shares:

·        What is the wild within, and how can we embrace it?

·        Boundary setting and owning your space

·        Jessy and her wild, unbound, writing process

·        Lessons from the wild, natural world

·        Jessy’s author journey

It’s been such an honour to know and hold space for Jessy over the past few years and I know you’re going to enjoy hearing more about her story – from growing up in Africa, eating mangos to finding her way in the UK.

Listen to the interview here

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