Transcription of Wild Within Interview with Tonia Gaudiuso

Time: 18:50 minutes

Jessy: There you go. So, we’re recording now. And welcome to another Wild Within Interview, and I have the lovely, lovely Tonia with me. And we are writing our books together at the minute, which is great fun. A lot of heartache, but a lot of fun as well. And Tonia, I’ll let you introduce yourself in a second. But Tonia does amazing work around money and abundance and love and connection. But yeah, I’ll pass it over to you, my wonderful friend. Tell us about you, what’s your journey been to this point?

Tonia: Yeah, so just I mean, what I do in a nutshell is like, I am a money expert. And I specialize in working with people who like personal finances, and like small businesses. But really what it is, is just taking people’s money pain, and just turning it into a life well lived, and integrating it into joy and freedom and liberated them from all of that. And so, you know, it’s integrating also, like, the logical side of money and the intuitive side and bringing them both together, because that’s where the balance and the harmony exists. And it very much so represents my journey. Like, you know, it’s interesting how it was logical first and intuitive came afterwards. Because a large bulk of my journey, like I am very logical engineering mind. That’s why I chose numbers and did everything that was like an accounting or bookkeeping. And so, I loved numbers, because they were very sensible, like, one plus one is two, and no one could dispute that. And so, I just loved the absolute of the numbers. And it wasn’t till years later that I started to organize. I started off my business as a Professional Organizer. So, that was even just the beginning. And I just allowed the journey to kind of take me along. And so, as a Professional Organizer, I would go into people’s homes and I would just see mails stack up. Yes, this is when people certainly got like mail instead of everything in their inbox. And I would see duplicates of things, things with tags, because I would be going into their closets. And I would just ask questions. Yeah, I love and I still love organizing, like color coordinating. All of that, it’s like my jam. But I would hear them complaining that they didn’t have money to save, or they didn’t have money to do things that are fun. I’m like, well, my mind, like I said, works very uniquely, it adds things up. It just sees things. Its solution based. So, instantly, I’m like, well, if all of this disorganization is costing you, and if you use it the right way, you could actually have everything that you wanted. And so, I would ask, you know, what your numbers are? Do you know what your expenses are, your income, and they put it. And so, that led me into creating personal budgets for people and just organizing. It’s really financial organization. You know, in doing it that way, I would give them a dynamite plan, right? Everything they wanted budgets, I would come back a month later. And then I’m like, so how did it go? When they’re like, oh, I didn’t follow it. Why not? You know, and like me super type A, you give me a plan, like hell or high water, I’m getting it done. Like there was no intuition in my life. They were just to do listing goals, and you check them off and that’s how we operate in life. It’s very much fun that way. Like, no, I didn’t do it and like, okay and so, that’s when I realized that it’s not so much about the money of things in the plan, that there’s emotions that run in the background, and that there’s belief. The story is that deeply affect the actions. And so, I started to dive deeper into that and realizing that, yeah, mindset work has a lot to do with how we operate in life. And then that took me on to a spiritual, you know, doing a non-yoga teacher training, and then just learning about the law of attraction. And all of these other things that people work with. The thing that I was recognizing is like, when I was in the spiritual world, there was all positivity and all like, try to stay away from your anger and try to stay away.

Jessy: Almost like bypassing it all.

Tonia: Yeah, so like, I like my anger. My anger has fed me my entire life, like I get pissed when at work, because I want to change my situation. And it almost felt like a piece of me was cut off when I was told that so I was like, wait, so in order to be spiritual in a way, like I have to not acknowledge that side of me. Something didn’t feel right. And so, took years later to recognize that it’s the combination of the shadow and the light, that you don’t cut off anything. It’s the balance of everything. And then I saw that with money as well. And so, that’s what I teach now is like, there is this money, pain, it’s real, it exists. It has stops people from doing things.

Jessy: Yes. And like debt, and things like that aren’t necessarily about money. It’s about the mindset and how we kind of, because money is energy, isn’t it? And it flows. And it’s us and the conditions and our thinking that kind of almost like, stop that in its tracks, isn’t it?

Tonia: Yeah.

Jessy: And I love that how, you know, that you’ve had, you know, when I talk about conditions and like expectations and things, it’s more in the traditional sense, but you kind of went into the spiritual world, and you were like, well actually, no, you’re putting conditions on me too. So, that was amazing.

Tonia: Yeah.

Jessy: What kind of things do you do to almost like, get past that? I mean, I know, you’re a strong woman, you can’t be told what to do.

Tonia: No, I do. Like, that was part of, you know, the journey along the way was also realizing I would take things as absolute, you know, like, if I was in its teachers, I’m like oh well, if they’re teaching this and here, I go, again, I must be wrong. I always made myself wrong, or oh, I see, here’s something again, that I’m not good. Like I always made up that I wasn’t good at school. And then I learned like, I’m an experiential learner, like the way they teach things in school. Actually, I’m not good at memorization, and all of that I need to be in it. And then I remember things, and I don’t ever forget them. And so, it took me a while to realize like, the teachers don’t mean that they know something more than anyone else. It’s just information and I am at choice. I guess I just never realized in my life that I was at choice. I also went to public school, and from that, so it was very much so like, they’re telling you that like obedience, like they were higher than you in a way. And so, it must be true what they’re saying.

Jessy: They must be right.

Tonia: Right. And so, then if they’re right, and I’m wrong, if I don’t agree with it. And so, there was this right or wrong versus no, they’re teaching you something, and I now get to cherry pick the things that work, like I get to decide what works and some things are gonna resonate, and some things aren’t. And so, it took a while to get there and just recognize like, no. But now there are things from the spiritual that I absolutely do take in and like the non-yoga like, this just happened to me yesterday. A lot of stuff coming up and I felt the emotions coming up, and I could feel them and they were not, I went for a walk. Like these are certain things, I do Reiki in the morning, meditated, I went for a walk and then not just stayed in my stomach. I am just not going to sit here and do this what I’m gonna do. I’m like, oh, I took my yoga book and I did breath work. Like I also know the breath moves things through. So, I did like a three-part breath. And it kind of just moved it right out. And so, there was a bunch of things that I’ve learned now to kind of keep me, really what it does is keep me in tune with my trigger that I’m walking in. You know, knowing that I’m taking some information and some works, and some doesn’t. But I get to determine what works best for me.

Jessy: Well, that was actually one of the questions I had just like, how do you stay connected to your inner self? And you’re just like, I’ll just answer it straight away. I love that because you are just so but your own person. And you know, you say you cherry pick things, but this is what it should be. And essentially, the basis of it all is that we trust ourselves, we trust our intuition. And that I think is going in society, isn’t it? Because we’re told all the time, especially like religion, school, family, do it like this. We are right. And then if you don’t agree, the assumption is, oh, I’m wrong. There’s something wrong with me. But it’s not the case at all, is it?

Tonia: No. And it’s teaching people to think for themselves or just like it’s using the word like experiment. Play, like, there is a plan, but it’s okay if the plan doesn’t work. Sometimes you get something better by allowing yourself to deviate away from it, but like and following. And this is I mean, and it doesn’t have to be called intuition. I know, it could be a scary word for people. But I remember in the business world too like people like your gut reaction, like people use that sometimes they’re like, oh, there’s no evidence of it like, well, my gut is telling me this so and I’m going to go with that. And so, it’s not intuition. It’s that inner knowing. It’s that knowing of following that truth, and going over that.

Jessy: Well, I say that what you know, we are part of the animal family. And as humans we have that knowing. It’s those instincts. There’s really primal instincts that you know, have kept us alive since caveman days, do you know what I mean. So, it’s like it is there within everybody. It’s just whether or not we connect with it, or give ourselves permission to connect with it.

Tonia: Yeah.

Jessy: Yeah. Oh, no, it’s fantastic. Brilliant. So, yeah, I’ve got a little cheeky question at the end. And it is very short interview. But yeah, it’s sort of like if you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Tonia: Hummingbird comes to mind.

Jessy: Hummingbird Really?

Tonia: Yeah. And I read. Yeah, I didn’t think that, that was going to be it. I kind of want to think that it would be like a cheetah or something like wild. But I’m like no a hummingbird because they are just magical. Like, they look like fairies when they fly.

Jessy: Yeah.

Tonia: Also, when they fly have the ability to go backwards.

Jessy: I didn’t know that.

Tonia: Yeah, they could stand still and seem like they’re not moving. And when it rains, they have like this coating on them. But the rain actually doesn’t make them wet. So, they can actually fly in. So, like the level of freedom that they have is absolutely crazy. So, I think that, that is why I would choose them. And just because of how, when I look at them, I think they’re magical. And so, I’m very much now just connecting to the magic of life. And even though I know things are bad right now, and there’s always going to be chaos, there’s always going to be craziness. But I feel like that’s the whole point, that I do my routines in the morning is like and nature still wakes up and acts the same way. Flowers still bloom, the cycle still goes. And so, it’s really about staying tapped into, you know, the abundance of life. And this is what I get now with the spiritual world, what they were trying to say about positivity is the choice of staying in the light versus being a victim. It just, you know, comes off a certain way, but I get it now where like, I’m at choice with what I choose to put my focus and energy on.

Jessy: Yes, yes, definitely. But you know, when we do go through bad times, it’s quite easy for people to become victims, isn’t it? And you know, it’s a hard life. And like you said, the minute we’re going through a very, very hard time. But it is you know, it’s like when I work with clients as well, it’s kind of like, okay, to balance things out, look at the positive as well. I know, you’re not going to an easy time. But you know, it’s all about the balance, isn’t it?

Tonia: The balance and it’s like gratitude. I feel like that’s always such an easy tool to just feel like, you know, there’s always an analogy like, you know, someone always has it better and someone always has it worse. So, it’s always just acknowledging where you’re at. And there’s nothing wrong with saying that it sucks. Okay, I’m definitely not about being like, oh, well, you know, I did break my leg. But at least I have my other one. Yes, that’s great to realize that but there’s nothing wrong with also seeing like, this really sucks and I’m in pain. Because I feel like our emotions have messages for us. That’s why they come up. So, you know, to acknowledge that, but then also to then see that it’s to serve us, you know, and it’s difficult when it comes in the form of painful experiences.

Jessy: Of course, yeah. Because then we almost like go into this whirlwind of emotions, but it is very much, like today, I was just talking to someone and, you know about anxiety. And it’s like, well, if you think of anxiety, like a dog that’s barking, you need to pay attention and be like, what are you trying to tell me? Why are you barking at me? You know, and that’s what it is. But we do get lost in the kind of I’m feeling anxious and that side of it. So, you know, the next step is kind of like, face it, ask it, what is it trying to tell you. But you’re right, there’s so many messages.

Tonia: And what’s hard to hear them or to suppress them or to not.

Jessy: So, the dog starts growling.

Tonia: But that’s exactly it. Like, if you look at animals, and the other thing I say, to look at too is like even children, you know. Because they’re wild, they are very unconditioned, and they scream, run, like they express it. And then it’s

Jessy: Fully.

Tonia: Fully, yes. And you know, just with conviction, and then they’re done. And so, it is just about being that free, you know, just wild and just letting it out versus, you know, being worried about what people gonna think. And it’s just like, you know, I kind of feel like that’s what wild is. It’s just animals don’t care. They do what they need, and then move on.

Jessy: Well the need exactly and the need, then you kind of sort of connect with that in yourself and then sort of ask you what do I need, and then trusting those instincts. And I love what you said about gratitude because especially tied in with money. We’re in such a society where we’re almost like, I’ve not got enough. I’ve got to do the next thing. I’ve got to earn this.

Tonia: Let it out. Let it out. They know it’s true about money.

Jessy: Let me pause it. I’ll come back.
Right. So, we start recording again. That’s hilarious. That’s so funny. I forgot what I was saying now to run to the door. To answer the door. And, yeah, money and that feeling of not being enough.

Tonia: Yes, I love that you brought up money again, because this I mean, part of what my whole reason of like writing the book and everything is to just put out to the world that like money is a way for us to say thank you. It’s been given so much power that it doesn’t have, it’s just a tool. Like, that’s all it is just a tool like a car is. And when you learn how to use money, like you learn how to drive a car, it takes you from one point to another. The problem is like, you know, financial literacy isn’t taught. And so, I don’t try to bypass that either. I actually teach what you need to know about it, how to manage it, and really just how to organize and use it practically. Because if you read an advisor’s book or like, I actually got a C in my accounting class and had to take a class over, because I almost failed it because I was like, what are you teaching? Like, this makes no sense.

Jessy: It’s going to apply to real life, isn’t it?

Tonia: No, it has nothing to do with it. It’s just you know, so also that it’s teaching people how to practically use it. And I feel like, you know, so many people walking around with the shame, but it’s like, well, who told you otherwise of how to use it like. We didn’t know any better in a way like, you know. So, just to be gentle and forgive and that putting out a message of like money is just a way for us to say thank you for something. Like that’s really what it is.

Jessy: Well, it is. It’s an exchange, isn’t it? Like in the old days. It was you would barter goods. Wouldn’t you instead of money? Yeah. And then now it’s all the focus is on money. It’s like how much you earn? Can you make a living? And it’s like, we’re focusing on the wrong things here people.

Tonia: Exactly. That’s that’s why I named my book The New Commodities.

Jessy: I can’t wait. I think it’s gonna be amazing. It really is.

Tonia: That’s a journey. But I think that, that’s what it is, is like, I think we got it all wrong, you know. And pandemic is showing us too. Like how it has to sometimes take crisis in order for us to recognize that the simple things in life really are the riches, and the luxuries and everything else.

Jessy: For sure. Definitely. Brilliant. Well, thank you so, so much. And, you know, just to end is there anything that you want to promote at the moment?

Tonia: Yeah always want to, well, my book will be out, I’m not gonna say that there’s a deadline yet, I’m still in process of writing, but I would say by the end of the year that will be there. So, if anyone just wants to find out more about money, and just creating a healthy money story, like they could just go to my website, and everything is there. So, the website is And yeah, just go on there to see and if you want to sign up for my newsletter, and I have, you know, what events and things that I do so like, all the information is there.

Jessy: Brilliant, and I’ll put the links around this recording somewhere.

Tonia: I’m here to be in service for anyone who wants to just be free of like, their money pain and just be empowered around it. So yes. Please send me out.

Jessy: And I’ve got to say, you know, connecting with Tonia, you’ve been amazing. Because you were the one who was just like, come on, Jess, you got to be more visible. And I was like, no, I don’t want it. But you did it in such a loving way. But yeah, you called me up on that. So, be forever grateful to you for that and just being on the book journey with you as well.

Tonia: Oh my god, it wouldn’t have been, it’s what makes it fun. Like being in community and sisterhood and everything. And yeah, I feel blessed just doing this interview with you. So, like, yeah, please keep being visible.

Jessy: Fantastic. Thank you. Thank you very, very much. So, I’m gonna end the recording now.