Hi I’m Jessy. A heart-led, intuitive coach, qualified counsellor, photographer, mum, animal lover and nature lover.

My purpose in life is to help you get back to YOU. The real you, without the ‘shoulds’ of this world, without the conditions that have been put on you. The real you, without permission or justification but with love and acceptance.

I work with you on many things; becoming a mum, dealing with relationships, living with a mental illness and learning to manage life, creating balance and finding deep, authentic peace and clarity.

Do you feel anxious all the time? That feeling of dread and tightening of your stomach
Do you feel low? Tearful, no motivation?
Are you struggling with because you are at a transitional time of your life?
Do you have difficult relationships? Not feeling heard, loved or supported
Do you feel unworthy? You don’t believe you’re good at anything or good for anyone and you will never be Good Enough.
Or is it a case of “I don’t know” but you know things can be much better and you’re not meant to feel like this?

It can be scary and lonely struggling with our mental health on our own and I’m here to tell you that I am here to support you. Mental health is just like physical health and there is no shame or stigma in getting help. We just need to learn a few strategies and ways to manage our emotions to feel happier in ourselves. Although this is much easier said than done!

I believe you are the expert in your life and when we work together, it is a partnership with me supporting you, reflecting what you say back to you and together we can explore, strategise and make achievable and positive changes.

I work with you to find the part of you that is strong, that Knows, that is most inner, most true.

There’s nothing to fear. We will take it at your pace, learning ways to manage your mental and emotional health.

There’s nothing to worry about. Well do it in a fun, caring and supportive way, pausing to reflect or heal but always moving in the right direction.

And this will last. I will work with you from within, looking at causes rather than symptoms and decluttering / sorting and putting new strategies in place.

There’s magic here too because as you become You, you end up helping others and before you know it, that acceptance, knowing and balance ripples out to those around you, creating the deepest unconditional love and belonging.

I am part of your support network to help bring you back to YOU, so if you are struggling at the moment, do get in touch.