Wild Within

It may feel like you are a million miles away from being who you are meant to be, a daily battle keeping up with all the ‘shoulds’ of this world, trying to fit in, trying to keep up with the pace set by others.

You were born knowing who you are but years of conditioning have made you question that

You have all you need within you

You have instincts that have developed over thousands of years, passed down from generation to generation

You are part of the human animal family and you are part of the world

If you are fed up of the cycles that seem to repeat in your life and you know you deserve better, want to be better then this is for you.

What better time to focus on yourself, help you move past any blocks holding you back and to finally shed a layer of yourself that no longer serves you?

Do you feel like you have lost who you are?
Maybe you’re feeling disconnected from the life you have created, feeling numb and dissatisfied?
Or overly anxious or depressed?

You have manged to get everything you thought you wanted, everything you thought that meant success but yet you find yourself missing something, something deep within.

You regularly ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ or maybe you wander, ‘What’s the point?’. You feel you have a limited voice for fear of being judged or criticised. You want to be more but don’t know how, or where to even start.

This 1:1 support will help you to release Your Primal, Wild, Core, Truest Self in a safe and loving space.

For so many years I have been a Good Girl, a People Pleaser, trying to do right, to get praise, to fit in.
But for so many years I have also struggled with my mental health, numerous breakdowns and have felt unworthy and suicidal far too many times.

Things had to change
I had to let go of trying to keep up with the ‘Joneses’ and comparisonitis
Let go of struggling with finances
Or trying to stick to an identity filled with rules, suffocating me
Slowly killing my soul
I could not carry on with this indoor living, with fake lights and air and a pace out of sync with my own being
(most beings as we are not designed to work like robots!)

And giving my all to those who only thought of me of an option, leaving me drained and empty

I have African blood in me, born in Livingstone Zambia
Most weekends, I used to see the Victoria Falls in it’s natural wildness and felt humbled by it
Every night, when I used to feed my dogs, I used to stare up at the sky, huge, spacious and my Core Self would feel so free and wild
I played barefoot outside, climbing mango trees and eating them straight from the branches
And making fires
My dogs by my side, running with me, me howling with them
I was part of the most diverse community, part of being human, part of Wild Africa

I came to England when I was 16 and my world fell apart
So many rules, so many people
So much to keep up with to be Enough
Such a fast pace, always making me feel like I was failing
So much pressure, despair and desperation in this life
No joy, passion or fun or playing

After 25 years I have discovered the hard way how to stand in my own Self with ownership and compassion, life balance and managing  my mental and emotional health with mindfulness. I have embraced my Wild Within.

Now, I am doing my best to help others, help you find the true you and help you learn to trust yourself.

We are not taught about mental health like we are about physical health. The equivalent of brushing your teeth, getting dressed, taking the bins out. Work with me to learn these strategies. Our mental health can hold us back from doing so much, from being who we want to be, are meant to be.

I believe you are the expert in your life and when we work together, it is a partnership with me supporting you, together we can explore, strategise and make achievable and positive changes.

I work with you to find the part of you that is strong, that Knows, that is most inner, most true.

There’s nothing to fear. We will take it at your pace, learning ways to manage your mental and emotional health.

There’s nothing to worry about. Well do it in a fun, caring and supportive way, pausing to reflect or heal but always moving in the right direction.

And this will last. I will work with you from within, looking at causes rather than symptoms and decluttering / sorting and putting new strategies in place and give you tools to build your resilience and cope with what life throws at you.

There’s magic here too because as you become You, you end up helping others and before you know it, that acceptance, knowing and balance ripples out to those around you, creating the deepest unconditional love and belonging.

I know you are there waiting and this invitation is to let you know I am ready to support you and work with you. No need to feel low, lonely, like a burden or lost. But be careful, working with me will make you start believing in yourself, gain confidence, and change your life. 😉

In this 1:1 support, together we will look at:

  • Practical, ACHIEVABLE strategies that fit your life
  • Work at your pace
  • Learning a more self compassionate and mindful way of living making you more efficient and productive but less tired
  • Unpack past experiences in a safe space and learn to manage difficult emotions, moving on from your default reactions
  • and much, much more

This is a life changing support package where you learn to be resilient by working with my unique way of working. This is the time to invest in yourself and create the person you want to be.

If this sounds like the support you need, have a look at ‘Work with me