Work with me

Please email me at for a free half an hour discussion to see if we are suited to work together. 

 1:1 session-£75

6 1:1 sessions – £425


“I feel so positive and lifted after talking to you, like I can do anything. Thank you for helping me believe in myself” AP

“At my lowest, you held me. At my most indecisive, you sat with me. At my happiest, you celebrated with me. Thank you for believing in me enough for the both of us. I would not be here if it was not for you” BC

“From the first session, I felt a deep connection with you, like you had a link directly into me. You seemed to know what I was feeling without many words but I never felt pushed, only heard and supported. Life is still difficult but I am growing in self esteem slowly and I know it will take time but knowing you are with me helps me feel stronger” HT

“Mental illness is such an isolating disease; imagine a boat lost at sea in a storm. No one can really help you, only you can find the strength to navigate the storm. Finding someone who truly understands this and does not try to rescue you but gives you the tools you need to get thorough, who takes the time to listen and who makes sure you find your voice is so rare. For months (maybe years) I had struggled, got lost in various systems and processes that I began to give up hope of ever finding the right support to ever begin the recovery journey. After exhausting all other avenues, I stumbled the Wonderful Jessy!! I cannot put into words how amazing this lady is! She has supported me through some really rough times; she has smiled and laughed with me through the better. I feel like I’m finally getting my voice back, I am finally being heard. Without Jessy, I would not be where I am today.  She has provided me with the tools, and often points out the steps I have made to be on the road to recovery.” CD

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