“It’s difficult to put into words how much Jessy has changed me and my life. It’s impossible to describe how much her words, support, encouragement and challenge have improved my outlook on life and strengthened me, as an individual, as a professional, as a wife, as a daughter and as a friend.
Reprioritisation, introspection and self compassion all critical life skills I’d missed before having the incredible opportunity of working with Jessy.
I’m enjoying the ride now, good or bad!
I’m forever grateful, Jessy!
Thank you ” DI

Thank you for the kindness you have shown me, the courage you have given me, and the strength I found within me. Thank you for getting me where I am today . And if I need you I know you’re there.” NR

“Jessy is kind, calm and compassionate … she gives me the space to think and is non judgemental so that I can open up. Would recommend Jessy to anyone who feels that a chat could help them and support big changes in themselves x” LA

“Supportive, guiding and empathetic. Jessie has been brilliant to work with and has “fixed me”! Would recommend her to anyone not feeling quiet themselves following brith and beyond.” EB

“After 6 sessions  feel cured, so much happier and thank you for saving my marriage and helping me become a mum” EH

“”I’m so glad I chose you. My life has changed for the positive and I don’t know how to thank you. Finally I feel relief and hope and can see a future. Thank you” LM

“Jessy has an approach that was ideal for me.  She is personable and immediately helped me to feel that I could discuss my difficulties with her.  She has been both supportive and enabling at the same time.  She seems able to read my mood well and adapt our conversations accordingly.  I have always felt that things have been at my pace and she listens exceptionally well.  During several difficulties, including some that made conversations hard to plan due to work or personal life, she has always been flexible and accommodating.  Accepting that one has mental health issues is frightening and being able to speak about issues with someone who understands without judgement or being patronising is invaluable.” CH

“Jessy has only been working with me for a couple of months but I really appreciate all of the support that she has already given me. My situation is currently very difficult with no easy answers but it makes such a difference knowing that there is a caring person available to listen to and talk through your concerns. I haven’t known Jessy for very long but she has proven herself kind, professional and approachable and I look forward to continuing to work with her over the coming months.” DJ

“I have been struggling at work and in my personal life which has effected my work and mental health. I have been very thankful having someone who can help me understand how this would effect my work and health. I’ve been given good practical advice as well as a good listener. It was most helpful having the practical advice to motivate me so I don’t get stuck in a bad mental health state. Much appreciated thank you.” LK

“As an anxiety sufferer, I have been working with Jessy for the last six months and throughout this period I have felt extremely well supported by her. She is a very professional individual in every aspect – she is always reliable and punctual and stresses that she is always available to talk if needed and allows every opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns I might have. She combines this with a very caring and considerate nature. Jessy is an exceptional listener and takes time to respond with careful and well thought out responses. I have no doubt that others will benefit in the same way that I have from having Jessy to support them.” IP

My rock bottom was a couple of months ago. 18 months of trying to prove myself in an environment that had felt wrong from the very beginning, 18 months of adjusting myself instead of looking inward, drained me. Dulled me. Crushed me. I had never felt so hopeless, I had never felt worse about my very own being. I had to reach out. I attempted to call. I stopped myself. Surely, something was wrong with me, everyone around me seemed to thrive. I let months pass again. Until I felt the disconnect between my mind and my reality reach an extreme. I finally rang. I had booked an appointment. I got to meet Jessy. Three sessions was all it took. Jessy listened. She listened and guided me. She was there. Whenever. Between sessions, knowing I would speak to her again, I’d think over what we’d discussed. She kept me in check. Three sessions, Jessy’s warmth and care and I found clarity. Something clicked. It made sense. I’d left that toxic environment. I’ve been spending time with myself, I’ve been focusing on being grateful and on learning to be kinder. I’m happy. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. I cannot be more grateful to have met Jessy – she’s the reason I rekindled the relationship with myself. And I treat my self like you would an old friend. With love and care, listening carefully and being present. Like we all should. Always. Thank you, Jessy! You have changed my life!” DI

“Since working with Jessy, I can’t express in words how grateful I am for all of the support she has given to me. The past few months have been challenging with my mental health being more of an issue than it was when we first met and with Jessy, she has been there continuously. I have to repeat myself when I say i can’t express enough how thankful I am for the help and support I have received. I struggle to be able to talk often with professionals as if i don’t feel a connection I will shut off mentally from them but this has been the complete opposite with Jessy and has definitely been such a help over the past few months just to know I have Jessy there for support.” CR

“Indeed I can testify that Jessy has been very supportive and helpful. Especially at a time of me feeling depressed. The rapport we built has helped . You have been fantastic and have been amazing so thank you! MT